Pregnancy and Chiropractic

Mothers have their spines realigned while sitting, laying on their backs, and on tables that have partitions that fold away from the abdomen (when necessary).
Damage to the Spine: During the course of pregnancy the pressure on the spine increases and causes changes to the curves. This can irritate nerves that go to the lower back and legs and can adversely effect the function of reproductive organs. This pressure can also damage nerves which can cause sciatica. During pregnancy biomechanical and postural changes happen which can effect the function of your spine in the future. Chiropractic care helps improve the mechanics of the spine.

Labor: Many patients have discovered that labor is easier with chiropractic care. Taking care of the nervous system allows the powerful birthing muscles to coordinate better therefore being more efficient. Some patients have noted that delivery has been easier while they were under chiropractic care during there entire pregnancy.

Medication: Chiropractic is gentle and effective! and helps your body heal without the use of drugs that will cause damage to your child. Mothers should note that most medications are passed on to their child through breast milk or the placenta. Breast milk is one of the most important forms of nutrition and helps form the immunity in your child. Mothers should breast feed as long as possible.