Why suffer with pain ? Whether it be periodic or constant, pain in the buttocks or pain going into the leg or foot are signs that a chiropractor can help you or someone you know.

The Cause: Nerves coming from the spine become damaged as both small and large traumas accumulate in the body. Large traumas such as falls and car accidents can cause our spines to shift out of place. What most of us don't realize is that even small traumas can do damage without us knowing it until we are presented with PAIN! Driving for long periods of time or sitting with a wallet in your back pocket can shift the pelvis and irritate lower spinal nerves. Once the spine has shifted, even the simple act of walking becomes traumatic. Friction builds up over years and can wear down the discs of the spine. The discs are our shock absorbers, they protect our nerves which is important for every function of a healthy body.

Chiropractors Are Specialists In Caring For The Nervous System.

Great success has been achieved in caring for patients with nerve damage that has resulted in sciatica.