Are you experiencing pain, tingling, or numbness throughout the body? If so, then you might be suffering from sciatica. Sciatica is a common nerve issue, resulting in pain and irritation with the sciatic nerve. Those who have sciatica will need chiropractic care in the form of pain management, physical therapy, or possibly more. At LeBaron Chiropractic, we have provided residents of Mesa, AZ with natural and effective sciatica treatment for many years.

What Causes Sciatica?

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body, supplying electrical signals to the hips, legs, feet, buttocks, and lower back. These electrical signals play a vital role in supplying sensation to these body parts. When the sciatic nerve is damaged, a loss of sensation or function can occur in these areas. Living with sciatica can result in ongoing pain and dysfunction in the lower half of the body. 

Sciatica can be the result of disc herniation, spinal compression, bone spurs joint inflammation, spinal stenosis, and other changes occurring within the spine. As far as risk factors go, you are more likely to develop sciatica if you are overweight, obese, depressed, vitamin deficient, aging, or living a sedentary lifestyle. Some people are more genetically predisposed to contract the condition than others. To learn more about what is causing your sciatica, you’ll need to consult a chiropractor. 

Treatment Options for Sciatica

Before sciatica treatment can begin, there has to be a diagnosis through examination. Sometimes, the healthcare professional will use diagnostic tools such as X-rays to determine the cause of pain. Treatment for sciatica will usually focus on pain management techniques. In chiropractic care, common management treatments include spinal manipulation, body realignment, hot and cold therapy, and similar techniques. The patient’s sciatica treatment will depend on the patient’s personal needs. For example, if there is a misaligned disc within the spine that is causing nerve compression, then the chiropractor will focus on correcting the out-of-place spinal disc. 

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Are you an AZ resident asking, “Where can I find a chiropractor near me?” Through the LeBaron Chiropractic clinic, you can find a highly qualified chiropractor in Mesa, Arizona. In addition to providing care for sciatica, we are providing diagnostic evaluations, auto injury rehabilitation, workplace injury rehabilitation, and chiropractic adjustments. At LeBaron Chiropractic center, you can receive an examination, diagnosis, and treatment for your sciatica. Call us at (480) 969-6166 for more information on sciatica or to schedule an appointment with our chiropractor. 

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