Our Chiropractic office near Mesa is available for DIGITAL x-ray examinations.

Diagnostics are very important to quality chiropractic care and x-rays are one of the most commonly used tools. Why? They are non-invasive and really give Dr. LeBaron a chance to see what is going on in your body so that an appropriate course of treatment can be determined. Here’s what you need to know about the use of x-rays at LeBaron Chiropractic. 

Choosing X-Rays in Chiropractic Care

When many people think about x-rays, the x-ray image of a broken bone, arthritis or dislocation generally comes to mind—not spinal integrity or alignment.  But many chiropractic clinics around the country use x-ray machines on a regular basis to help diagnose and treat patients.

Using X-Rays in Chiropractic Treatment

There are several instances when you might be asked to take an x-ray. The first is on your initial appointment to a Chiropractic center.   If you have been in a recent trauma, such as a motor vehicle crash,  the doctor will always take x-ray images before treatments.  Also if you suffer from Arm or Leg pain the doctor will often take x-rays the first visit.  If there is a lack of progress in a current treatment program the doctor with then often take x-rays.  


In short, x-ray procedure are an important tool for chiropractors to diagnose health conditions and ensure patients are being treated appropriately.  Please note that Dr. LeBaron will often send for MRI’s and other imaging tests if he feels these are needed according to you subjective and objective complaints.

Do you have questions about medical imaging procedures radiation exposure, electromagnetic spectrum, and other inquiries? Are you ready to live a life with less pain and inflammation? Please contact our team at contact at (480) 969-6166 today to schedule your chiropractic appointment.

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