Chiropractor vs Massage: Which is Right For You?

chiropractor vs massage

If you are looking for pain relief or to address your aches and ailments, you might choose between getting a massage or going to a chiropractor’s office. Especially if you are dealing with neck, shoulder, back, and lower back pain, these choices might be foremost in your mind.

The combination of chiropractic treatment and massage therapies depends on what bothers you. There may be cases when your chiropractor visit also involves massage therapy.

However, massage and chiropractic treatments address different problems. Moreover, a massage therapist does a different job than a chiropractor. If you are confused differentiating a chiropractor and a massage therapist, read on

What Does a Chiropractor Do?

The chiropractor’s primary focus is to make adjustments to the musculoskeletal system and help the body gains its ability to heal itself as well as provide relief from chronic pain. The musculoskeletal systems are composed of the neck, spine, muscles, nervous system, and other skeletal systems in the body, as well as hard tissues.

In chiropractic adjustment, the chiropractor realigns the spine or other skeletal systems when the neck or spine encounters a traumatic injury or repetitive stress, which causes many types of pain, such as chronic pain, muscle pain, and neck pain. Chiropractors can also manage and relieve joint pain ear infections and correct poor posture.

Chiropractic care is not just about chiropractic adjustments to treat patients. Still, they will also help you with advice on exercise, diet, and lifestyle adjustments to ensure you can be healthier.

They can also share what toxins are released after chiropractic adjustment because you might experience certain symptoms as your body gets rid of its toxins.

What Does a Massage Therapist Do?

Massage Therapist

A massage therapist manipulates the soft tissues and muscles of the body. Massaging these parts of the body provides benefits, such as to relieve pain and stress, as well as relieving tension headaches and improving sleep. Massage therapists focus on trigger points where tight tissue and tight muscles are located, thereby providing you with ache and pain relief.

On the other hand, deep-tissue massage uses slow movements and heavy pressure to target specific muscle groups. Massage can be done on various parts of the body, such as the back and shoulders, face, scalp, and sinuses.

A licensed massage therapist may be licensed to practice therapeutic massage and bodywork, stone massage, medical massage therapy, sports massage, Scandinavian massage, or zero-balancing. Massage therapists are required to hold a license in most states.

Chiropractor vs Massage Comparison

Chiropractic Treatment

A chiropractor’s goal is to address misalignments in your spine that pinches nerves. By treating your spine and applying back adjustment treatments, a chiropractor can facilitate your body’s ability to heal itself.

After all, misalignments in the spine cause many issues, such as back and neck pain, chronic pain, TMJ pain, and others. Moreover, if the connection between your brain and the rest of your body is impeded, there is a risk of lasting health issues if this is not addressed correctly.

Massage Treatment

Massage therapy covers a broad range of specializations. Each has distinct benefits. For instance, myofascial massage focuses on manipulating soft tissues in the face to ease muscle tension.

One thing that sets massage therapy apart from chiropractic care is the manipulation of soft tissue. The chiropractor deals with spinal misalignments, while a massage therapist deals with manipulating muscles and soft tissues.

Takeaway: Which is the Best Treatment Plan for You?

Best chiropractic Treatment Plan

Before settling this comparison, it is essential to go through a thorough evaluation to understand the root cause of your discomfort and what treatment is required.

Massage treatment may be sufficient if you want to relieve muscle pain. Chiropractic care may be more appropriate for more severe issues, such as chronic pain management.

After a thorough evaluation, a chiropractor or a massage therapist can recommend which set of treatments is better for you. A chiropractor may recommend massage to help you manage residual pain after chiropractic adjustments.

However, in some cases, a chiropractor may advise against massage therapy because it might disrupt the results of chiropractic treatment.

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